Bahnson Mechanical Systems’ in-house controls experts design, install, and service a wide range of controls and building automation systems.

HVAC Controls

We specialize in a variety of direct digital control (DDC) and building automation brands, including Niagara, Tridium, Distech, and more.

With our HVAC controls, your staff can respond quickly to environmental changes, troubleshoot errors, and manage maintenance from a single point of system-wide accessibility.

Process Controls

We consider your facility’s current controls systems and licensing when customizing a solution for you. Using advanced technologies, we help you aggregate large amounts of data to assess the status of your equipment, and track and record adjustments via mobile software.

System Upgrades and Retrofits

When we upgrade or retrofit your systems, we carefully consider your schedules and identify antiquated equipment or controls that should be replaced.

Your custom plan will detail any potential time-saving solutions, such as using pre-wired replacements or fully assembled control panels to help expedite installation.

To learn more about our advanced controls solutions, contact us today.