BMS service vanBahnson Mechanical Systems is your one-stop source for all the service needs of your HVAC systems, chillers, and other mechanical equipment. We provide installation, repairs, upgrades, replacements, indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions, and preventive maintenance.

Complete HVAC and Chiller Services

Our HVAC and chiller solutions help equipment achieve optimal humidity, temperature, cleanliness, and ventilation—while maximizing your facilities’ efficiency. We’re brand-neutral and can service, repair, and install nearly any HVAC system or chiller on the market.

Expert Equipment Replacements

We’ll work closely with you to strategize upgrades and replacements that help lower utility costs, improve return on investment (ROI), phase out ozone-depleting refrigerants, and secure capital allocations. Count on us to consider your unique operating requirements, and focus on extending system lifespans and improving overall performance.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

We offer a full range of IAQ services including air purifying ionization and UV-C technologies, air filter replacement and upgrades, duct cleaning, and maintenance. Our IAQ services can help disinfect your systems, eliminate airborne pathogens, increase building ROI, enhance productivity, lower costs, and reduce your system maintenance requirements.

Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Because your HVAC systems are central to your facilities’ productivity and performance, we offer preventive maintenance (PM) that helps stabilize budgets, reduce downtime, lower operating costs, and improve tenant satisfaction. Our PM agreements include filter and belt replacements, coil cleanings, 24/7/365 emergency service and more.

To learn more about how our service offerings can benefit your facilities, contact us today.